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Zeruis Tallismal

Updates on the Central Figure of Twisted Fates

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I have the look of what you would call the dark elves, but do not let this fool you. The seed, the soul of me, was elven yet, I am a chimera, sacrificed to and altered by the Dark One who now seeks me. I am a creature bred of darkest magics and because of that I must hide who and what I truly am from those around me, or risk exposure... and I do not wish to be found and taken back to Her, ever. That I escaped was amazing enough, but in this place to which I have come, I find a multitude of strange and unsettling things...

[This is an OIC character blog for Zeruis Tallismal, the protagonist of the comic Twisted Fates.]
a.n.g.s.t., anthropomorphosis, apricot/dabra, astral projection, bishoujo, cat people, chimera, chimerans, chimeras, dabra, dabra-kun, eerie lunarose, endria, escape, faydashen, flying surfboard, frogs, geckos, gilby meeks, herbs, iguanas, liyil siyis, lizards, mage duels, mage university, magic, magic school, magic university, midaea, midaea the archmage, mirrim nonati, natural remedies, polymorph, potions, rathenmore, regionia, regionian politics, sailing, secrets, snakes, spells, staff of binding, staff of worlds, sylphs, tapestries, tattoos, teaching, tripheim, twisted fates, vardis, white sands, zeruis, zeruis tallismal