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AHHRGH! Vardis has ALL my cool toys?!

Eerie! How could you?! Not just the staff of worlds but almost everything went to Vardis?!!!!


*kicks at her sullenly* I mean, it's one thing to have someone other than me have them, although that's bad enough, but VARDIS? Why that little! I hate her so much. And of course she's going to be the one after me. It ~would~ have to be her. Not only does she hate me, but she's smart. *sigh* Can't pull the proverbial Cloak of Blindness over her eyes easily...

I should beat on Eerie some more now. DR is not being very entertaining at the moment. Endria is avoiding me, and I just can't understand it... after I got to all the trouble of being really, really nice to her, too. That's hard work, dammit... well, it usually is. No doubt another thing to beat on Eerie for. Oh, and that stupid dog! I swear, it wants to eat ALL my potion ingredients. How am I EVER going to keep my little secret safe if I don't have all my ingredients handy and plentiful, hmm? So knock it off, Dabra, honestly. Stupid mutt. If only it didn't belong to the boss-lady I'd give it a good sound kick.

Then again, that would make Gilby mad. I've only seen Gilby mad once. He's usually so kind and nice and all that. I never, ever want to see him mad again. Gives me a run for my money, in terms of just plain psycho-scary factor.... on my BAD days, even.

Eerie says I should decide whether I'm a villain or not. She says she knows but is bothered that I don't seem to. I'm supposed to know? Well, I don't think so, but if it comes to me I'll tell you.
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