Zeruis Tallismal (zeruis) wrote,
Zeruis Tallismal

There is much work to be done...

I have my own journal! Thank you to all who made this possible: Xella and Alex for being the example, and Xella, Terry and Eerie for making it come about.

*prods Eerie Lunarose* Work on my comic, why don't you? Then I won't have to write here about how tragic and messed up I am. People will be able to see for themselves. :)

Anyway, the comic is in the making, she assures me. For now, off to make Rathenmore's life a living hell again... and see if I can catch a glimpse of Endria. Endria, my heart's only joy. *cough* Um, no I didn't just say that. Nevermind it! Or I'll destroy you with the staff of worlds. Oh, nope, I lost that. I swear by all the old deities, if that confounded Vardis witch has it now... oooo she can't give that to VARDIS! That would be SOOOOO unfair. That was ~my~ toy.

she better not have it. *sulks*

Um, yeah, must bug old Rath. That will cheer me up. It's so amusing to watch him get all red and puffy and know he can't do anything to me. *chuckles darkly*

I'll talk some more later on.
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