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Icons! And the Monkey from hell!

Ah, here we are again!

Well, it has been a while. As you can see, I now have ICONS. Userpics. Yes. So, that would be me. Hello world. *waves* Or at least, that would be the me that anyone ever gets to see.

Ahem. Now, what else? Other than to say that the number of animals in my world has increased and that I am none too pleased with this development. The little bird I could handle, and it has been around a while. The bear is... a little scary, but I'm told it won't be around toooo often.

But, case in point: Tripheim. This creature is also to be known as the monkey from the seventh hell! I don't know what evil demon constructed this creature, since it wasn't my own former master, but it has been sent to plague us all. It has delusions of grandeur and a foul temperament, and can be counted on at any moment to lob something at one's head.

The animal kingdom and I do not get along well. Why can't the world be populated entirely by people, and plants. But no Vardis.

Or we could just get rid of the monkey and the dog. Yes, that would be acceptable. Can we please? The monkey is evil and hateful.

Still... I have icons!
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