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Today's experiment.... FAILED

My quest to reclaim the soul of Eerie from the Darkness of Silent Hill goes none too well. I will be happy if she just gives me the time of day. Stupid role-playing cult. Stupid Henry Townshend. There is more in MY journal than there is in his!

Okay, so, what to do now? Nap, I guess. Maybe eat some cheese and make frogs hop out of people's pockets at random. Frogs are cute. You'd think people would be happy to have lots of frogs hopping around happily. Never did understand how that could be a plague...

Lalala. I will bother Eerie until she draws more pictures of me! She needs practice! Maybe I'll sic my Dark Mistress on her. That would be good and fun. Yes, SO good and fun.

I should not watch Zim. It might influence me and I already have influences aplenty. XD

That is all for now. I will try very hard not to kick the Headmaster's doggy, even if it is spawned from hell.
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