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Lol. I'm amused at my being able to be amused by Eerie. I'm usually very hard to please, but at the moment I am pleased.

I love this purple star with the jester cap on. I will use it often. Especially since my mental state is none too certain anyway. Why not dwell in perpetual insanity? It can be more friendly.

Anyway, I HAVE COLORS! Beautiful, wonderful colours. Eerie is being good to me for once. There is apparently a debate going on about why so many people in Eerie's wide-ranging circular... um, circle, of friends are so mean to their characters. Not like I care, as long as she stops being mean to me for a while. Then the world is a pleasing place.

Eerie is toying with the idea of SD Twisted Omake as further filler to this story which does not need anymore filler, but hey the more the merrier. In the omake, Eerie has proposed a slightly altered look at the universe... and some rather bizarre characters which may or many not appear in the normal storyline.

Among them, the Angelic Northern Gladiatrix Stormstriker Team, at least, that's the breakdown of the name until she changes it again. But the really amusing part is that it conveniently gets boiled down to ANGST. Which is what everything can and does and should boil down to, if you ask me. No one does, though. ;)

I don't want to have to fight against A.N.G.S.T., though! Why should I? Can't I just take them home with me instead. *eg*

It's time to try to convince someone to kick Dabra for me. I hate dogs. Might be because I'm part cat, but ~that~ dog is a hellspawn. And believe me, I know my hellspawn. ^_^
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