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"Save me from the nothing I've become?"

I'm listening to Eerie's Evanescence. I think I can relate. That is scary.

Eerie is a laaaazyass. Hey, Eerie, what about the color? The COLOR! What about all the nice happy pics you promised? And whaaaaat about your first page, idiot?!!

Get on with it already, and stop making excuses. And make Xella's shirt too, dangit. And then do your schoolwork. In any case, stop playing so much Morrowind.

Hehe, yes, I'm ranting, but someone needs to keep her in line. After all, she had her fun on Saturday. Allllll day. Now it's time to knuckle down and WORK dammit.

Ahhh, good, she's going right now to make some copies for color-testing. Heh heh. ^_^ Yay, I prevail.
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