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Temporary triumph

Heh heh. I get to keep the staff of worlds now, for a while at least. Will make running much easier, I think. Eerie changed the pic with Vardis to be the staff of binding, instead. Another of what used to be my toys, but a much less friendly one. I do NOT want that used on me.

Why do I feel as though Eerie is going to do that to me at some point? *sigh* She is evil, don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. No doubt the reason she was able to create me. Well, that and lots of help from outside inspirational sources (hush hush, don't tell anyone the many things from which I was cobbled together). As of right now, it is only okay to release the Xelloss-influence. It is relatively obvious, if you know that guy. And he is her favorite anime character ever, so it's not really a surprise.

However, I am not a Xelloss-clone. I just slightly resemble him, physically, or his human form anyway. It's the purple hair that does it, but oh well, sigh, so sad too bad. I like purple hair. ^_^

Eeeeerie-san, get coloring already! I want color!

She drew ME, two versions of me, with the staff of worlds, so I am happier now. She draws that dog too much though. And Vardis, blech. Giraffe. Draw Rathenmore, or me on my surfboard, next. Or Endria. Or redo the boss-lady, she needs it.

I'm going to go mix up some more potions so I have some on hand. Being able to be nothing more than a "good dark elf" (the "good" making it a contradiction in terms, but the others buy it so whatever) all the time is a little hard.

Anyway, enough about that. I shouldn't talk about it. Vardis might hear.
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